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Member since: June 23, 2005
Last visit: October 11, 2006
Name: Paul Rae
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Location: Montreal
Country: Canada
Fav. BEP:
Fav. Song: Where is the Love
Fav. Video: Where is the Love
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I wich i could help :(

category: Anything | July 2 | @986 | comments comments(5)

Sometime when i look at what goe's on in my city,my province,my country,my continent and my planete i think that there is much to do. If we could stand each other carring on the responsability of bieng a discent humans on earth we would realise that every thing that we do must stop and it must be now!!!!! We are eating the world and even destroying it. Every day there are people dying from hunger and yet there is annuf food in this planet to feed over 18 billons of people, we are about 7.5 billons right now. The governement that we voted for in many different care less about crisis they do promise that wont put it tell next mandat.United we must be but not the way we are now!!!...


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  Paul Rae

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where is the love

hey guys i decided to be a member because BEP is a positive group and im from the hood i did see miserie and i know that there is much worst in all across the globe and im looking for people like me that want to see a change or make a change
in this strange societe.

«I BElEIVE» that if all the people are standing for a right cause «change will be» please feel free to reach me at (

What can we do!!! to save the world and the people that
live in it... / AM / i / UMG
Produced by Brothers in art